In all circumstances in life, you need to be prepared to meet the challenges that will be expected of your mind and body. Keeping a fit, healthy body, will go a long way towards achieving this goal.

For women there is more to keeping mind and body fit, they also have the added concern of being healthy during pregnancy. That is what we do at Blooming Bellies Fitness; we keep you fit through pregnancy.

We have a holistic-based approach that is different from similar types of programs. We work with women not only during and after pregnancy, but we start before pregnancy. We spend time beforehand, preparing a women’s body for pregnancy. During pregnancy, we help keep the body and mind strong and healthy, and feeling good, during the whole process of pregnancy.

Our training will also help them during the birth and then assist in a faster healing process after giving birth. And, because of starting the work of maintaining a healthy body and mind before the pregnancy started, the getting back to normal happens much quicker and easier.

For more information on the services we have available, please send an e-mail to info@bloomingbelliesfitness.com