Can Your Sleep Patterns Be Connected To Experiencing A Plateau In Your Sports Results?

Sleep is often overlooked in importance when a model is created for athletes to enhance top performance. However, the importance of sleep became clear in recent years and can mean the difference between having the edge to win or to not perform bad and lose.

Sleep forms part of the 5 point process of getting the athlete ready to be able to compete at peak performance when good results matters the most. The 5 points are Conditioning, Mental preparation, Nutrition, Hydration and Sleep.

5 Areas where Sleep can have the Greatest Impact on Sports Results:

1. Sporting Careers that Lasts Longer: Second to only acute injuries, a recent study showed that fatigue will shorten the active playing time an athlete has. Sleepiness will affect and impair performance. It is incredibly important to be able to perform at your best, to stay at the top.

2. Better Performance and Accuracy: Sleeping enough is crucial to the body’s biochemical, physiological and cognitive restoration. The benefits of optimal sleep extension include the improvement of accuracy and the reaching of peak performances.

3. Improvement of overall Health and Reducing the Injury Rate: The hours of sleep the night before an athletic performance can have a bigger influence on possible injuries than the hours of practice. Fatigue will influence reaction time; being tired will make you slow to react in extreme circumstances. Sleep gives the body time to heal and regenerate and repair injured cells.

4. Reaction Time will Improve: Sleep deprivation will reduce an athlete’s reaction time on the play that is unfolding at that moment in time. Even though there is a difference between being drunk and being fatigued, the result on an athlete would be the same.

5. Mental Errors will become fewer: Shortened sleep and loss of sleep will impair the judgement of a situation. An Athlete’s ability to learn, focus, motivation and memory will also be greatly impaired by the lack of sleep.

Delayed Sleep Phase


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Sleep is an important factor in the maintaining of optimum health for everybody. However, for athletes, sleep is a very crucial part of being successful. Sleep becomes a weapon against stress, slow healing injuries and the loss of motivation and focus.

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