Exercise, Fitness And Sleep And The Surprising Links Between Them That Can Influence The Whole Of Your Life

Discussing exercise and fitness and the best workouts and how you can get the best out of a fitness routine, you usually do not think about sleep. Sleep comes as an afterthought, lucky for you if you get a good night’s sleep, and tough luck, if you don’t. But, without sleep, all the effort might just go to waste.

Sleep is the basis whereon a healthy body and mind stand. If this base is not strong, your health and performance will suffer.

How the Links between Exercise, Sleep and Health can be influenced by each other:

Sufficient Sleep is an essential factor for Optimum Health; during sleep, a lot of processes happen. They only occur during sleep, for instance; restoration of the immune, nervous and muscular systems, clearance of brain metabolites, consolidation of memory, and much more.

For a person to function properly, adequate sleep is important. All bodily systems, functions, are influenced by sleep patterns. Poor or inadequate sleep and regular sleep disturbance will affect your lifestyle, and make a person prone to metabolic dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric disorders, and a shortened lifespan.

If your sleep is poor, performance will be poor, performance in sports, exercise, memory, almost all things that are expected of a person, will happen at a less than adequate standard. Sleep is the base of a healthy body and mind.

Exercise can be helpful as a Treatment for Sleep Disturbances; exercise has been associated with sleep for a long time. Research found that exercise can have a positive effect on poor sleep quality, in general.

Exercise, although also important to be healthy and fit, should not cut into sleeping hours. There are numerous activities during the day that are not as important, TV time, or browsing the Internet, reading the paper, where you can take a bit of time for exercising.

Exercise is not needed every day, but it is recommended that you do a minimum of 2½ hours of moderate exercise every week. These are the bare essentials to exercise which can be more depending on the time you have available.

Both sleep and exercise consist of so many benefits that are unique for each, that you cannot separate them. You should guide against the danger of only making time for one, sleep or exercise, and not give enough attention to each, separately.

Exercise and fitness and sleep and health are closely linked and keep an intricate relationship. You cannot pick one and leave the other, to be healthy and perform well, you need them all.

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