Our Services


Blooming Bellies Fitness was created by Brooke Cates, founder and owner, with the exclusive goal to celebrate pregnancy in a way that it deserves to be celebrated. The business connects movement and exercise that will still appear welcoming.

Our Services:

Our holistic-based approach will start off before being pregnant and guide a woman through the whole of the pregnancy.

Guidance through Pregnancy:

Before Pregnancy; working with women before they fell pregnant, ensuring that they have a healthy strong body to start off with and to help keep the body strong during pregnancy. A good beginning tends to help a body towards a good ending.

During Pregnancy; we will continue with exercising and also training for the actual birth. We have a method called, “belly pumping” to keep women connected to their core as their bellies grow.

Post-birth; because of working on strengthening the body and keeping a healthy mind, there will be no problem in gaining their pre-pregnancy muscle tone and weight.

Our methods and guidance will strengthen a woman throughout the whole pregnancy. We share information, and give advice, on the whole process of keeping healthy, fit and strong.